My Wine Story-#MWWC29


If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve heard it before. My apologies for the redundancy, but when you get a few minutes to join the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge with a topic already partially prewritten, you jump on it.

How do I love wine?

Let me count the ways.

How did I begin loving wine?

Let me count the ways.

Was it a college boyfriend? His Cornell Oenology class opened his eyes, he opened mine.

Was it my first trip to Italy? The obligatory jugs at every meal gave way to long chats in a narrow enoteca in Assisi, comparing bottles.

Those were preludes to a visit to Sonoma. The first time my eyes were truly opened was in Kenwood, the barnwood walls and doors seemed to draw closer, the only people in the room were me and my tasting attendant. “Yes, I smell blueberry. Wow, that completely changes the…

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