MWWC#30: Obscure

The Wine Raconteur

It is hard to believe that we are at the thirtieth Monthly Wine Writers Challenge, an exercise to make us write out of our usual box. The last winner was Shez of The Epicurious Texan and her distinct honor was to come up with the one word theme that we would all use, and that word is “obscure.” I went into my library and looked up the word, wondering if there was some meaning that was obscure about obscure that I wasn’t aware of. There were no surprises. As simply put, it gave the definitions of dim, indistinct, not clearly expressed or understood, or not distinguished or famous.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge
After looking it up, all I could surmise was that it is me. One blogger had once mentioned that my articles were dim and obscure, because I always leave the wine to the end, but I guess I just like to lay…

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