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Wines of Nesli

When I had watched Mondovino, I was in the class of wine economics, in Montpellier, in 2013. Our professor found it essential to watch this documentary to have a broader understanding of the globalization of the wine business. This documentary was shot in 2004, since than the globalization is continuing with full speed; many big wineries has branches in different continents, New World and Old world are becoming closer to each other, flying winemakers are conquering everywhere, wine critics are well-known universally and wine lovers are travelling and tasting wines all over the world, which makes the wine sector richer, wider but smaller in the sense of accessibility. To be honest, at that classroom that day, I didn’t really realize how small the wine world was.

In 2016, I decided to experience being a flying winemaker. In February, I travelled to Chile to work in Caliterra Winery. This…

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