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Girl on a Mogul: The Blind Tasting

We have another great (albeit a tad late) entry into this month’s Challenge (#MWWC31) from Girl on a Mogul!

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Girl on a Mogul: The Blind Tasting

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Dracaena Wines: No Matter Your Faith, There’s a Wine God for That

We have another great entry into this month’s Challenge (#MWWC31) from Dracaena Wines!

You can check out the post here:

No Matter Your Faith, There’s a Wine God for That

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Faith #MWWC31

Griffy on Wine

Faith that goes forward triumphs.

I don’t know what was on the top 100 list for Wine Spectator in Biblical times, but I am certain that wine was a necessity more than a luxury for daily living, because the water could kill you.  And because wine  was so common and so daily it took on many metaphors in Religion which are as timeless as all the other stories in the Bible whatever value you subscribe to them in your own life.

Wine has positive and negative positions to play. On the positive side wine was a symbol of divine grace, intimate love.  Owning a vineyard was a symbol of being one of the chosen people. Wine was a blessing as early as Genesis 14:18.  The being of the Messianic age will be a time when god’s people will “plant vineyards and drink wine”.

On the negative side drinking wine to…

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The Faith to Believe – #MWWC31

Appetite for Wine

Walk into your local wine shop, and you are faced with hundreds of different options and choices. Which wine is the right one for you? How will you know? Unless you buy the same wines all the time, you are about to drop your hard-earned cash on a bottle that you may or may not like. Why?

faithAllison, the OkieWineGirl, wrote an amazing piece for Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #30, and won the challenge. As all winners do, she had the honor of selecting the topic for #MWWC31. She chose: Faith.

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge

Boiled down to its essence, faith is simply placing trust in someone or something. Sometimes that trust is given based on past experiences. Other times, it is with no prior basis or evidence for believing in the person or thing. Often thought of as a religious tenet; faith actually occurs in all aspects of human life. For…

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MWWC#29: Faith

The Wine Raconteur

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there is a New Hope and that hope is Faith. On that tiny speck of dust that is called Earth, there is faith. Not a faith in a New World Order, but in the common conviction of trust, loyalty, confidence, reliance and belief; the meanings of faith. What does faith have to do with wine? That is what Allison of Okiewinegirl has proposed that we write about as the new theme for our Monthly Wine Writers Challenge.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge
In the beginning, out of chaos “The Classification of 1855 for the Medoc” was created and that was the genesis of all modern wine writings. An ambitious and for the most part a classification of the Great Growths of the Medoc, which to this day is still holding up, with a few tweaks and a few questions. Trust was achieved by this list…

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