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Translation is Only Part of the Job

the drunken cyclist

The years that I spent as a bicycle tour guide in Europe were shrouded in a singular paradox: I have a terrible sense of direction. Really awful. Fortunately, the company I worked for was set-up so that I was not actually a “guide” as such, but more of a “coordinator.” That distinction, although subtle, was significant in that the clients would head out on their own with written directions leading them to the next location. My job was to follow the group in order to insure that everyone arrived at the next hotel.

The concept was fairly simple—if a client had some sort of problem (e.g., a mechanical issue with the bike) and was somewhere on the route, I would eventually come along and get him or her rolling again. Since that rarely happened, I spent most of my time riding alone, which was perfectly fine with me. I had no…

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Wines Translation into the future

Griffy on Wine

I love my recliner.  It’s my Captain Kirk’s chair. With my TV remote and trusty Iphone I can control the Griffith Empire with speed and compassion, if Josephine lets me.

From my recliner I can sail the wine colored sea, backwards and forwards in time and space.  This is where I contemplate the big questions;  life, the universe and everything.  It is here where I sit thinking, “how the hell am I going to get a 1,000 word blog about wine out of TRANSLATION”?  The answer came from that  great philosopher of our time Homer Simpson, “it’s going to take a lot of wine”.

I am using the  formal technical meaning of translation; “the process of moving something from one place to another”.  Or the conversion of something from one form or medium into another.

We have arrive at a crossroads in time.  We have political upheaval around the world…

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Translation – Implicit Virtue and Pain of Oenophile


When you hear the word “translation”, what is the first thought which comes to the mind? Make no mistake – we will be talking about the wine here, but let’s leave that aside for now – we will connect the dots a bit later. So, how about that translation?

I would bet that your immediate thought was of a foreign language. This is where “translation” is typically invoked. Maybe you remember your French class in the high school; may be you have a vivid picture of your last trip to Italy – in either case, we see or hear the word (at least, we assume whatever we hear to be a word), and then we make an effort to understand what that word mean in our own language, and not just by itself, but also taking it in the context of conversation or a text we are reading.

When we…

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Lost in Translation



After having read a few of these MWWC over the past couple of months and being too lazy to put pen to paper myself, I feel this topic is really one that has played an important part in my life lately. This is my entry for Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #32 (#MWWC32). A link to the original post can be found here.

I’m sat here writing this in Jardin Public, a lovely open space in the heart of Bordeaux with the hot sunshine penetrating my increasingly rouge skin. I can’t say I pity myself one bit. In only 5 days I will be officially finished with my third year of university and now is a good time for me to reflect on it.

I arrived here in September as an Erasmus student with very little French language knowledge. I’d always wanted to study abroad ever since applying for university, and…

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Nut and Wine Pairing Recipe ~1886

Convivial Supper

walnuts_wine_misscorson1886 Nut and Wine Pairing, 1886

“Man has been accorded by a kindly nature four stout companions to sustain and console him on his terrestrial pilgrimage. They are wine, spirits, fortified wines and beer. These drinks provide the solace, relaxation and stimulus that a man needs if he is to complete with equanimity his arduous and often arid journey.” – Alec Waugh

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Regions to Grapes: Understanding the Translation – #MWWC32

Appetite for Wine

I’m a planner. My family used to tease me because I would write an itinerary for family vacations. I mean, we want to make sure we get to see and do all we wanted to see and do, right? Normally, when I write a blog post, especially one as significant as a Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, I like to start several weeks early, so I can take my time to ponder, refine, and polish my work.

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge

I am aware that not all people are like me. Some people thrive under the pressure of a deadline. They procrastinate until the bitter end, and then crank out whatever comes, and hope for the best. My son is one of those people. In high school he used to drive me insane! Up until all hours the night before a major paper was due, he produced some amazing work. My blood pressure would rise…

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Translation, Passion, and Transformation

Elizabeth Smith

wine-stain1-3 Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #32

This is my entry for Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #32 (#MWWC32), as described at this link. Voting begins Tuesday, April 25, 2017, and ends Monday, May 1, 2017, at the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge website.

I never used to be a procrastinator until I started participating in the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. After a lifetime as a classic overachiever, perhaps I am starting to relax. Or, perhaps it’s because I see the challenge word and go blank until the very last minute. As I type this, I am still blank, but I am going to write something anyway to keep my streak alive.

When I think of the word translation, I am immediately taken back to my college days. More specifically, I am transported back to Aix-en-Provence, France, and I am sitting in my summer abroad French Translation class at The University of Provence, now…

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