Great Prosecco is not a Fairy Tale: Visiting Nino Franco

the drunken cyclist

Once upon a time I was not a fan of Prosecco, even today, despite my personal motto (“If it doesn’t sparkle, it doesn’t matter!”) I remain relatively reluctant to relish in its renown. I know that is not a popular sentiment as Prosecco has never been as trendy as it is today, with nearly every wine writer and sommelier extolling its virtues as if drinking it were some sort of religious experience.

For me, most of the Prosecco that reaches the US is either overly sweet, quite bitter, or some awful combination. No thanks. Yes, it is usually one third (or at least one half) the price of champagne, but those who claim that Prosecco is as good as champagne (and there are some kooks who claim it is better) are just aiming to be contrarian.

Well, that changed about a year ago when I had lunch in New York…

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