Why Wine is Good for Your Brain (And Not for the Reason You Might Think)

Red White & Cru

It seems like every week there is a slew of new reports and studies on the how wine either is good or not so good for your health. Resveratrol, quercetin, and ellagic acid have all been touted as magical health properties contained within wine, while others trumpet warnings about the potential damage from alcohol. While the debate goes on regarding the health effects of the components in wine, there may be other health benefits that can be gained from the wonderful learning journey that wine can provide.

My wine journey is fueled by the realization that no matter how much I read, visit, learn and taste, there will never be a point where I know it all. Nobody ever will. With up to 10,000 different wine grape varietals and hundreds of thousands of commercial wine producers across almost 100 countries, it’s not possible for any one person to have learned…

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