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wine-stain1-2“Possession” provides the theme for September’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge begun by The Drunken Cyclist (you can vote for me here).

Already, “possession” has revealed many astounding collections (aka hoards) online: from old bottles, to 173 glasses, to German vineyard land laws.

We wine geeks splurge on rare, interesting, and expensive bottles.  But when to open them?  When will the window of drinkability close?  Should we keep the experience to ourselves or share (and show off) to friends?  Does one even “own”, let alone remember, a wine after drinking it?


In four years my wife and I had amassed eighteen cases of undrunk wine.

Many came from multiple visits to the Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, and other North East wine regions.  A couple of cases remained of the four wines I had made.  A few gift bottles awaited drinking.

But then…

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #3: Possession

the drunken cyclist

This is the third month for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC3) and as the winner of last month’s challenge, My Custard Pie had the “honor” of choosing this month’s theme: Possession.

wine-stain1-3After learning of the theme, I was a bit at a loss–had the theme been “Obsession” I could have easily written for days about my obsession with wine (this is primarily a wine blog after all). “Protection” (as in the way that I needed to protect wine in my cellar from the time when the basement flooded) or even “Depression” (what I feel when I think about all the time and money I have spent on my “Obessession”) would have been perhaps easier to tackle.

“Possession” proved to be far more elusive.

So I did what I usually do when I get a bit of writer’s block, I grab a corkscrew and my favorite glass, and I headed…

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Possession: Entry Denied


Paris.  A dark and stormy afternoon threatened to put a damper on our plans for the day:  Notre Dame cathedral, Ste. Chapelle, then a walk to one of the museums nearby.


As we exited the Metro, drizzle became a steady rain.  Glad for a respite from the rain, we enjoyed Notre Dame.  To think it was all built by hand!


Leaving Notre Dame, we were caught in a downpour.  I had hoped to climb the 400 or so stairs to see Paris from the gargoyle’s viewpoint, but it was not to be. Quick, find a dry spot!  We jumped over to the Left Bank and spotted a warm little café with a wine bar next door.  No question, wine bar.  The young owner of both establishments was our host in the wine bar.  Julie ordered a warm bowl of filling soup, and I had the plat of the day.



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The Wine Raconteur

A passion for possession is what all wine drinkers have.  This is the theme of the Third Monthly Challenge among some of the wine blogs.  All wine lovers wish to possess wines with the thought of amassing a wine cellar of sorts.  The idea that one can go to the cellar at a moments notice and grab a bottle or two to enjoy with friends, is what I believe we all desire.  We have all seen photos and movies of elegant wine cellars, some with dusty bottles from being stored for decades.  Most of the new homes being built are being built with wine cellars as part of the inducement to sell the new homes.  We wish to possess wines, but contrary to this idea, the wines end up possessing us.

 wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

I know that I am guilty of this concept, and I do believe that most that have started…

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Rice wine at the Mid-Autumn Festival

Saucy gander


19 September was the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival. Beyond moon cakes, it is also a story of a woman who flew to the moon, a time for toasting a new full moon, and for me, a reason to taste good quality rice wine.

Ecstatic wine

The moon and (rice) wine is a pair that inspires countless poems in classical China. Imbibing wine until lightly inebriated, the poets recite poems or improvise lines of poetry and admires the beauty of a perfect new (round) moon. The poets thought wine helped their mind to hold – to possess – lyrical plays of words and turns of phrase. In that ‘enhanced’ state of mind, they repeat and elaborate on particularly beautiful phrases or words, much as one may savour the aroma and palate of a well-aged wine. A group of eight famous poets in the Tang Dynasty are still known as…

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Possession: It’s Mine!!! #MWWC3

Red Wine Diva

There are several definitions of the word “possession” in the dictionary.   Two that fit this post are: (1) Anything that is owned or possessed and (2) The physical control or occupancy of property whether or not accompanied by ownership.

The topic of possession as it relates to wine is the theme of this month’s “Monthly Wine Writing Challenge” as selected by last month’s challenge winner, Sally of “My Custard Pie.”  You can find all the guidelines by going to Sally’s blog.   This monthly challenge is the brainchild of Jeff, commonly known as the “Drunken Cyclist.”  It is open to anyone who wants to write about the selected topic and participate.


So here’s my story – the reason I am so possessive with my wine:

Several years ago, my husband threw me a surprise birthday party.  One couple that came to the party had led a fairly glamorous…

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