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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #4 – Voting begins

Here is the link announcing the beginning of the voting for #MWWC4:

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #4 – Voting begins


MWWC#4: My Brush with the Biodynamic*

The Armchair Sommelier

Biodynamic wine.  Apparently, this is a touchy issue in the wine world, and I’m not going to poke that bear.  I don’t have a beef with biodynamic winemaking, I just don’t get it. Which is a little annoying, because I’ve tasted biodynamic wines that are exceptional.  Are they exceptional because they’re biodynamic?  Dunno.  I can’t wrap my brain around it. Biodynamic wine reminds me of an eccentric uncle — a little left of weird, but probably harmless.


So what’s the difference between organic and biodynamic wine?  Biodynamic wine isn’t organic, it’s über-organic.  Organic wine is made with certified organically grown grapes and no added sulfites, chemicals, or additives.   Biodynamic wine does all that and throws in astrology and lunar cycles.

Seriously.  Nancy Reagan would LOVE this stuff.

I come from a long line of farmers, so I get the farming part.  But you lose me when you start talking about harnessing…

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Make Sure You Have Plenty of OOPS!
OK, you spill an expensive bottle of wine, you break glasses.  Those “oops” moments are no fun at all.  The OOPS moments I’m talking about are failures, but they show you are still trying new things, experimenting, learning.

FoodBeerClick Chili (original post here)
I wanted to modify a chili recipe to pair it with a red wine.  Red wine with any tannin component usually doesn’t pair with spicy dishes.  I did my best, but how did the chili taste with the wine?  Awful; need to consider changing the blog title to Food Beer Click.

Ceviche with Sauvignon Blanc
Julie’s favorite wine is Sauvignon Blanc, the grassier the better.  I wanted to find something that would be a great match.  Ceviche was new for me, I thought the bracing acidity of the dish would pair well with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.  The ceviche…

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“Oops” – Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #4

The Wine Raconteur

“Oops” is not the word you want to hear from your surgeon or for that matter from your Certified Public Accountant.  We are having the fourth installment of the “Monthly Wine Writing Challenge” and the theme of “Oops” has been suggested by last month’s winner “The Wine Kat.”  As I pondered the relevance of this term to the subject of wine, I could envision the concept of pratfalls or spills of great bottles of wine, or the loss of a great bottle of wine that is now over the hill because of the misplacement of the bottle in a cellar, or from improper storage.  I thought of funny anecdotes and even some sad stories that could arise from this simple four letter word.  What pray tell could I write about, and then I thought of resurrecting my favorite wine story that I have relayed in the very early…

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Wine’s Oops Moments


MWWC_logoThe Monthly Wine Writing Challenge started about four month ago with the goal to take the wine bloggers to the “next level” – one single word sets the theme, and all the willing wine bloggers create their best interpretation of the theme and its connection with the world of wine. In those four month the challenge themes went from “Transportation” to “Trouble”, then to “Possession”, and now to the current theme “Oops“, as set by the winner of the previous round, The Wine Kat.

Opps. What is the first thing which comes to mind when you here that short, but extremely universal expression? I don’t know about you, but somehow the first association for me was the song. I know I can’t compete with Food and Wine Hedonist when it comes to the hedonistic references to the popular culture, but in any case, Britney Spears “Oops, I…

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