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#MWWC5 – The voting is open!

Confessions of a Wine Geek


The theme was FEAST, the entries for the November Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC5) are in… and the voting is open!

You have until the end of Friday 29th November to vote for your 3 favourite postsand the winner will be announced on Saturday 30th. Enjoy the 8 articles and spread the #MWWC word!


The Wine Kat (@thewinekat) Mac Datho’s Pig

BY Wine (@BYWineUk) Shoes or Wine?

Wayward Wine (@waywardwine) A foodless wine feast of Penfolds

binNotes (@binNotes) Feast

The Armchair Sommelier (@armchairsomm) Lutefisk The ghost of Christmas past

The Drunken Cyclist (@masi3v) Feast

Sybaricious (@sybaricious)Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road

Confessions of a Wine Geek (@winegeekconfess) The day Ave & Al tried to kill us (just for fun!)

Now get voting!

Voting has now closed

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The day Ave & Al tried to kill us! (#MWWC5)

Confessions of a Wine Geek

I chose FEAST as the theme for the November Monthly Wine Writing Challenge… My post won’t be included in the voting but I wanted to share this perilous tale with you…


I am very excited. I am also very scared.

November has struck and the Christmas countdown has begun. The weekends between now and Xmas are full and I’m looking forward to the various seasonal feasts and get-togethers; catching up with friends and family, eating great food and drinking magical wine. In fact, the diary filled up so quickly that one of the celebrations will have to wait until January. It’s actually a blessing in disguise; January is largely dreadful so having a post-Xmas lunch with friends should be the silver lining to a cloudy month, especially when that lunch is at the River Café, my favourite restaurant in London. So why the trepidation? Two reasons: Ave and Al.


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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #5 (#MWWC5) Feast

the drunken cyclist

The following is my submission for Monthly Wine Writing Contest #5 (#MWWC5). A bunch of us started the contest a few months ago and this month’s contest is hosted by last month’s winner: Confessions of a Wine Geek. One of the duties of the month’s winner is to choose the topic for the following month. This month’s theme: Feast.

They had only been dating for about a month, but it was already clear that she hated when he was late.

And he was going to be woefully late again. Yet all he could do was stand there.

wine-stain1-3This time he imagined it was far worse, however, since he was going to meet her family for the first time. He had thought it was a little early in their relationship to meet the parents, but that is what happens when you “hook up” at an office Halloween party, start pseudo-dating…

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Lutefisk: The Ghost of Christmas Past *

The Armchair Sommelier

It’s not Christmas until we have Lutefisk.  My dad says those words every year, without fail.
In fact, it’s not Christmas until my dad says the thing about the Lutefisk.  My people (on my dad’s side) are Scandinavian, and Lutefisk has been part of our holiday feast tradition since the Viking Age.

Lutefisk for Christmas DinnerI know what you’re thinking . . . Holy Mother of Snot, what the hell is that? That is the Ghost of Christmas Past. That is the King of the Beige Food Group. That . . . is Lutefisk!

Lutefisk comes from the Old Norse, meaning, Do you feel lucky?  Lutefisk is a Scandinavian delicacy, which we all know is code for “wow, does this suck”. Lutefisk is cod fish that’s been hung on racks and dried in the open air until it resembles fish jerky.  But it’s not done yet.  You might…

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No greater feast of wine befits this Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (MWWC5):wine-stain1-2It is 7:48 am.  I should be in bed.  Instead, my job in wine sales has me walking into a conference room.  No one told me why.  My waxen eyes fall on some bottles:

“Hmm, eight Penfolds for breakfast.  Nothing like big, Australian reds instead of waffles.  Sorry liver.”

But beyond this glass regiment, at the table’s end, sits a decanter and a bottle.

Grange. Bin 95. 2008.

Oh yes.

But before Penfolds’ big turkey, an hour-long lecture drags like the NFL Pre-Game Show.

Finally, the feast begins with the “appetizers”:

We start light with cheddar on crackers: Bin 2 Shiraz/Mouvèdre 2010: It is simple, chocolaty, berried, short but approachable (3 of 5) for under $15.

A veggie pinwheel comes in the form of Bin 8 Cabernet/Shiraz 2011. It has more color, more aromas of…

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November Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC5)

Confessions of a Wine Geek

I’ve been writing this blog for just over a year now and winning the October Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC4) was by far my proudest writing moment to date. The monthly challenge is a great way to interact with other (real and talented!) blogger/writers and from it comes some fantastic articles on the fantastic subject of wine.


The prize for winning the challenge is to come up with the theme for the following month and although it sounds like an easy task… it’s really bloody difficult! I wrote down a list of possible options, crossed out a few but one word stood out. However much I enjoy a bottle of great wine, it’s the company and the food that usually makes it memorable. Not being able to share a good bottle with others always feels like an opportunity missed, and how often does a bottle of wine just yearn…

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