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Savored…Mystery of Blind Tastings

We have another great entry into this month’s challenge from

You can check out her entry here:

Savored…Mystery of Blind Tastings

Remember the deadline for this month’s challenge is Monday!


MWWC#6 – Two Wines, Three Mysteries

Flora's Table

MWWC-logoRight before the winter holidays, creative fellow wine blogger Jeff (AKA The Drunken Cyclist) launched a fun initiative: a wine-based Secret Santa that he aptly renamed Secret Alcoholic. Basically, Jeff’s wife kindly took care of pairing each participant with a buddy Secret Alcoholic to whom one or two surprise bottles of wine could be shipped.

This, coupled with another recent brainchild of Jeff’s, a monthly theme-based wine writing challenge, gave me the opportunity to (so to speak) “break two wine glasses with one stone”: this post will be my first entry to wine writing challenge #6 (theme: Mystery) but will also serve the purpose of acknowledging my Secret Santa and sharing my tasting notes of the wines that I received.

Let’s cut to the chase without further ado: I mentioned in the title that there would be three mysteries to be solved – these are:

1. Who was my…

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MWWC#6: The Mystery of the Bark Bottle*

The Armchair Sommelier

DSC_0998[Read in Robert Stack’s voice]  For every mystery there is someone, somewhere, who knows the truth. Perhaps . . . that someone is you!

Have you ever seen a wine bottle like this before?  If so, you’re already ahead of me.

A few months ago, a friend of mine sent me this unusual wine bottle.  She thought it was something an Armchair Sommelier would enjoy having in her collection.  And I absolutely do, but I cannot figure out its provenance.  This little bottle is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a cork tree.

My friend received the bottle as a gift from her mother-in-law, who picked it up on a trip to South America (Peru maybe?).  The bottle is covered in tree bark, with a swath of cork on its neck.  My friend’s MIL told her the bottle was designed to keep wine at a consistent temperature.

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #6—Final Update

the drunken cyclist

wine-stain1-3Since my last update, there have been (at least) four more entries for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, bringing the total number of entries thus far up to (at least) fourteen!

I remain very confident that we will break the record for total number of entries (15) since several incredible writers have not yet entered (Talk-a-Vino, Food and Wine Hedonist, The Winegetter, Armchairsommelier, and many more).

But there are only a few days left to enter! Remember, the deadline for entry is midnight, January 13th (although truth be told, as long as it is in by the time I post on Tuesday, 1/14 I will include it)!

Once again, the theme this month is “Mystery” and all the rules for the challenge (and all the previous challenges and entries) can be found here:

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #6—Mystery

Here are the entries thus far (they can also be found over…

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