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The Other Side of Fear and Rain Shadows

From Vinho Verde to Barolo with Love

When my son was seven, he was determined to pass level 3 of swimming. But to do that entailed diving off the diving board. That was something he had never done, and he was scared. He tried at every lesson, and chickened out every time. One day on the way to the pool I paraphrased to him a quote I had found on-line. “You know, Bob, courage isn’t not being afraid. Courage is being afraid, and doing it, anyway.”

Everyone’s afraid of something. There are the big universal fears like death and failure. But for most of us, our daily lives are full of small fears. Any time we do something that is outside of our comfort zone, more than likely that discomfort is caused by fear; spending time with people we don’t know well, speaking publicly, doing anything for the first time or even trying a new food. “I’m not…

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I guess to an extent everyone lives with a certain amount of fear.  I mean it’s one of the most animalistic of instincts.  And it’s always interesting to track how your fears evolve over time.

Do I fear the same things I did when I was a kid?  I bloody well hope not!  Fear is everywhere when you’re a ginger, maths geek.  The bigger lads at the back of the bus looking for the next victim.  The rugby practice on icy cold mornings that you knew was going to beat seven shades of shit of your limbs.  Let’s not even start about trying to talk to girls!

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #9: Fear

the winegetter


This is my entry in the ninth installment of the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (short MWWC) competition. You can find more information about the challenge here (I am just now realizing its About page needs a bio badly!). Last month’s winner, Jeff aka The Drunken Cyclist gave us the topic “fear”

Fear is an all too common emotion associated with wine. Sometimes it marks itself as a certain uneasiness when you feel like you have no clue what to look for. Sometimes it is the horror of staring at row after row after row of wines in a wine store. Sometimes it shows itself in frustration when you look at a wine label and wish you understood what these things meant, and then you just give up. Sometimes it is this terrifying feeling of being invited to a wine party and you wonder what to bring…the list is endless. A wine culture and culture…

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The Four Letter F-word

Joy of Wine

It’s not what you’re thinking…

It’s not that word that all men hate when they talk to their spouses or girlfriends after a heated conversation and the only answer they get is…fine.  Nope, it’s not that one.

And it’s definitely not THAT four letter word that can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, adverb, etc, etc, etc, all of the above, etc.  You know the one.

Nope, this is literally a life-changing word.  It’s something that can either make us or break us; it can change the course of our lives.  Have you guessed it yet?  It’s fear. Yeah, that four letter F-word…

wine-stain1-3Thanks JK…thanks for the theme for the next Monthly Wine Writing Contest (MWWC#9).  Really…thank you.  It’s such an easy topic to write about you know?  It’s so….heartwarming and…!  (Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?)  But really, as soon as I saw the…

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The Sweet Sommelier: Fear—Or Why I Say, “Bring on the White Zin!”

We have another great entry into this month’s challenge (#MWWC8) from The Sweet Sommelier

You can check out her entry here:

Fear—Or Why I Say, “Bring on the White Zin!”

Remember the deadline for this month’s challenge is Today (Sunday)!

#MWWC9: Paranoid, Phobic, and Terrified… Oh My!


mwwc The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge or MWWC for short gives us bloggers an opportunity to tap into our wee minds and unleash hell on whatever theme the past month’s winner dishes out. This month we got given a theme by The Drunken Cyclist that could make us shiver in our blogger boots.

My previous (and first) entry into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge had me rambling on about luck and wine faults to the tune of +1,000 words. If I do say so myself it was a fine ol’ piece but didn’t win me gold. I want gold and I will get it… one day.

Should I just revel in the fact that it gave the opportunity to expand my creativity by writing on a forced subject or allowed me to stumble upon more great blogs to add to my morning reader round up? Maybe so.

This months theme has…

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Celia Ladygarden

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, please bare with me as these little jottings are an attempt at ‘Wine Writing Challenge’

Oh dear a magpie has just flown across the window, that doesn’t bode well for Jeff’s wine writing challenge, not that I am superstitious. But I did salute him, right hand to forehead, whilst saying, “Good day Mr Magpie how are you today? How’s your wife and children on this fine day.

Perhaps it was a crow, after all I did get excited this morning when I saw a hare out of the window, until I peeked through the binoculars and noted that it was in fact a pheasant!

What has this all got to do with wine you may ask and the answer would be, nothing! So I had better get on as I have used up 142 of my 1000 words.

What do I know about…

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MWWC9 Reminder

the drunken cyclist

wine-stain1-3 Well, I am off for another trip—this time to Salzburg, Austria. How can I possibly be going on another somewhat extravagant trip, you ask? Let’s just say that I marry very well. As I soar at 40,000 feet, I wanted to remind you about the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC9) as the deadline is fast approaching (a week from Monday). For those of you new to the game, this month’s theme is:


The rules

  1. The Challenge is open to anybody and everybody. It helps if you have a blog, but that is certainly not a requirement (contact me if this is the case).
  2. Write a post based on this month’s theme: “Fear”.
  3. The post should be at least tangentially related to wine (after all, it is the name of the challenge!).
  4. The post should be more or less around 1000 words (I routinely violate this rule, so it is just…

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