Why Wine is Good for Your Brain (And Not for the Reason You Might Think)

Red, White and Cru

It seems like every week there is a slew of new reports and studies on the how wine either is good or not so good for your health. Resveratrol, quercetin, and ellagic acid have all been touted as magical health properties contained within wine, while others trumpet warnings about the potential damage from alcohol. While the debate goes on regarding the health effects of the components in wine, there may be other health benefits that can be gained from the wonderful learning journey that wine can provide.

My wine journey is fueled by the realization that no matter how much I read, visit, learn and taste, there will never be a point where I know it all. Nobody ever will. With up to 10,000 different wine grape varietals and hundreds of thousands of commercial wine producers across almost 100 countries, it’s not possible for any one person to have learned…

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#MWWC33 Time to Vote!

Once Upon a Time #MWWC33

Appetite for Wine


Once upon a time, there was acharming prince who lived in an enchanted land. Yes, I know. Fairy tales are supposed to be about princesses. This is an equal opportunity story.

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge

Anyway, there was this charming prince, living in an enchanted land. When he was young, each day he would ride about the kingdom, enjoying the beauty and wonder around him. He and his friends were well known for their kindness, as well as their laughter. To be sure, the prince had hismischievousside, playing practical jokes on friends and strangers alike. Always harmless jokes, though. There’s no charm in being hurtful.

As the prince grew older, his roaming expanded and he began exploring and experiencing surrounding kingdoms. One day, he entered a neighboring land where the people were demure and quiet. The prince wondered what was wrong. As he inquired and spoke with the people of the land, he learned…

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Great Prosecco is not a Fairy Tale: Visiting Nino Franco

the drunken cyclist

Once upon a time I was not a fan of Prosecco, even today, despite my personal motto (“If it doesn’t sparkle, it doesn’t matter!”) I remain relatively reluctant to relish in its renown. I know that is not a popular sentiment as Prosecco has never been as trendy as it is today, with nearly every wine writer and sommelier extolling its virtues as if drinking it were some sort of religious experience.

For me, most of the Prosecco that reaches the US is either overly sweet, quite bitter, or some awful combination. No thanks. Yes, it is usually one third (or at least one half) the price of champagne, but those who claim that Prosecco is as good as champagne (and there are some kooks who claim it is better) are just aiming to be contrarian.

Well, that changed about a year ago when I had lunch in New York…

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MWWC #33 Once Upon A Time

The Epicurious Texan

This month’s wine writing challenge (#33 if you’re keeping track or ignored the title of this post) is Once Upon A Time, which was selected by last month’s winner Wining with Mel.

wine stain

To most people, Once upon a time probably makes them think of a plethora of Grimm fairy tales or perhaps a certain tv show, but not me.  Once upon a time makes me think of college.  This is because at the time I was living with my BFF and whenever she couldn’t sleep, I would hear her yelling from down the hall: I can’t sleep, tell me a story.

All of my stories (at least that I can remember–it has been few years ago!)–started with: Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a beautiful princess named Christina.  If I were feeling loquacious, my stories would be rather long and involved, often based…

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