MWWC#28: Smile

The Wine Raconteur

“Gray skies are gonna clear up
Put on a happy face
Brush off the clouds and cheer up
Put on a happy face.”

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The play and movie “Bye, Bye Birdie” may be considered dated, but so am I when it comes to music, I guess. This is the twenty-eighth edition of the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge and Beth of Traveling Wine Chick was the last winner and her distinct honor was to come up with the theme of this entry which is “smile.”


Smile is a great theme, as I think all wine drinkers are happy and why not? They get to enjoy the nectar of the Gods and wine has been around for ages. I would venture to say that almost every article I have written about wines is merged with happy occasions and I tend to even smile as I relate the events. I can only think of…

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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” Dr.Seuss

I’ve got a list labelled ‘Rewards for Future Nick’, some slaps on the back in lieu for all good deeds done. Unfortunately, there is also a growing ‘Get Off Your Arse and Do’ list for Future Nick to accomplish. But for now, having just completed a month of yoga, which also entailed a month of healthy eating (read: a month off the booze), the GF and I are due some well earned rewards. Bonus, we find ourselves on the beach in Goa with a week of relaxation up our sleeves.

High, high up on the rewards list is an overdue re-tox. I’m dreaming of sparkling wine at sunset, Sula being the local Indian supplier, followed by a cleansing Goan Kings brewski or two, complemented with something fresh from the tandoori. They’ve actually got a rapidly growing wine industry in India…

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Trying To Smile Through This


Entry for MWWC #28: Smile

16      smile

Until about two weeks ago I’d drafted a completely different entry to this month’s Monthly Wine Writers’ Challenge. The topic is “smile”. I’d written some guff about press trips and how amazing it was we get to do them. I’d just arrived back from 3 days in the Douro and was high on life. I can’t believe how long ago that feels now.

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#MWWC27–Time to Vote!

Color of the Bubbles – Mine Were White, Grey and Black


Champagne in the GlassMore than 3 years ago, an interesting tradition was born in the world of wine blogging (a brainchild of The Drunken Cyclist, with the help of the supporting cast of characters) – the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. Every month or so, wine bloggers en mass subject themselves to the masochistic practice of taking a random word and creating a soulful connection from that word to the beloved world of wine – all of it on a tight deadline.

Writing a post for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (MWWC for short), I always want to put out a regular post, and then at the end, simply state “and by the way, this was written for the MWWC, ha”- just to show how easy it was. Of course, this practically never happens – like today, with the theme of our epistolary exercise been “Bubbles“, and my writing taking…

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