Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #2 . . . VOTE!

The Armchair Sommelier

It’s time to VOTE for this month’s Wine Writing Challenge winner!


I heard a lot of grumbling out there about this month’s Trouble theme, but that’s the beauty of interpretation — it’s a blank canvas. There’s no wrong answer . . . just write!   I won’t deny it was challenging — I started writing in one direction (the trouble with tasting fees) and went off on a pretty big tangent.  But you all stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!  I hope you enjoyed writing . . . and reading.

I’m excited to pass the Writing Crown to a new winner, so let’s get to the voting!

I’m trying something new this month . . . I’ve embedded a poll so you can vote right here in this post.  A few easy rules:

  1. Anyone can vote . . . you don’t have to write a post…

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