Tales From: The Wachau, Austria, Part Two

the drunken cyclist

The following is the second half of the story of our trip down the Danube back in April when my wife and I were in Salzburg for a conference. After much debate, we decided on the trip to the Wachau to try some of the local wines, instead of visiting Vienna (a city my wife has never seen, and really wanted to visit). The first half of the story included a rather uninspired tasting at a “friend’s” winery…wine-stain1-3

After our rather unfortunate tasting at the first winery, I was hesitant to try again. It was not that I did not want to go to another winery—I would happily taste wine all day even if each tasting were as painful as the experience at Weingut Hick (think “root canal”). No, the problem was convincing my wife that an additional tasting (or two) was a worthwhile endeavor.

It was past noon at this point…

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