An Excerpt from my Novel

The Wandering Gourmand

Followers of my blog, friends, and family have been hearing about the novel I’m working on for years.  Draft two is only weeks away from being finalized.  My entry into February’s Monthly Wine Writing challenge is an excerpt.

You might be wondering, “What the hell does a fiction piece on the mafia have to do with either wine or devotion (this month’s word)?”  The answer is simple.  First, many-a-chapters were written over a glass bottle of wine.  Don’t judge.  Faulkner has his mint julep, Hemingway his mojito, Chandler his gimlet, and Fitzgerald his gin rickey.  I have my wine.  Second, Santos, our hero (and hit man), has reached a crossroads in his life and begins to question his loyalties, his devotions.  This isn’t the most action packed excerpt, but it is quite a pivotal scene.  And there’s even some romance for the month of February.

Lost in a Glass and a Novel Lost in a…

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