Koreans and Success

the drunken cyclist

As many of you may know, my wife is Korean, not a “Fresh off the Boat” type of Korean (she was born in the U.S.), but still 100% and in-tune with Korean customs, culture, and to a certain extent, language (but that is for another discussion on a different blog). Over the course of our 15 year relationship, I have come to learn a few things about Koreans: they value family above everything else, they are very hospitable, and they have this sixth sense that is truly remarkable.

wine-stain1-3What sixth sense? I call it Koreadar (pronounced KO-ree-dar), which enables them to know when a Korean has experienced success in athletics, a Korean-American has been elected to some sort of position in this country (no matter how small), or another Korean is in our immediate vicinity (approximately a one-mile radius).

I have witnessed this phenomenon several times in the past 15 years…

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