Monoco: Passport to Pleasure


Before a trip, people often ask, ” Are you traveling for business or pleasure?”. If your business is pleasure, you go to Monaco.

MES Real D'Or-003 Credit: Château Real d’Or

My recent trip to Monaco was a Monte Carlo stop on a short road trip from the Alpilles region in Provence for a weekend in the Italian Riviera (also, highly pleasurable). The weather in Provence was glorious that morning and we envisioned a late lunch at a seaside café, a flutter around The Principality, maybe a glass of wine before shoving off to Italy before dark.

By the time we’d paid the tolls (bring change) and parked the car (not for the unskilled) the sky had taken on dense grey clouds. Not rain, not unpleasant weather, just not beach weather. We fluttered and window shopped, popped into a hotel to admire the pool, then decided to get that bite to east. We’d…

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